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Dem Strategist Thinks It’s All Over for the Republicans

Dem Strategist Thinks It’s All Over for the Republicans

Now this is some wishful thinking!  This from some “Democrat strategist” named “Bill Buck.”  On the Baltimore CBS Local web site, he even has his own logo. “The Buck Stops Here.” Of course we know that the last Democrat that lived by that philosophy was Harry Truman. 

Buck suggests this:

“The fact that it is September and the GOP is abandoning Mitt Romney in droves gives Democrats hope that what was unthinkable in the spring – an Obama reelection that increases seats in the Senate and a potential takeover of the House – may be within their reach.”

Buck, you are high on the same LSD that Barack Obama uses when that 2am phone call comes. The stuff that let’s him sleep it off and dream it all away. 

Get ready for a really, really bad day on November 7th or 8th when your hangover wears off and you realize that your God has been thrown out of office, and the White House, the US Senate and the House of Representatives have all gone to the brilliant Republicans. 


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