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Don’t let the libs tell you that “Obama didn’t create the ‘Obama Phone'” program, as it was Obama’s administration that added cell phones to a program that was designed to make sure people who had serious problems getting around had a way to reach the outside world in the event of an emergency.  It was a ‘local phone’ problem. Now, anyone with an ‘Obama Phone’ has a phone that can call anyone in the country. 

On top of that, it really is connected to an Obama crony who raised money for Obama. 

Free Beacon did an outstanding story on this.  Here are a couple of short quotes, but read the whole article linked below:

Since 1985 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has operated a program called Lifeline, originally designed to provide free landline phone service for low-income individuals. The government subsidizes telecommunications firms providing the service, and those firms also pass on costs to customers via the “Universal Service Charge” on their phone bills.

The program expanded to include cell phones in 2008. That change has rapidly increased the cost to the federal government—$1.6 billion in 2011, up from $772 million in 2008. The number of Lifeline beneficiaries rose from 7.1 million to 12.5 million during the same period; cell phones account for roughly half of that 12.5 million.

This program greatly benefits Miami’s TracFone. Free Beacon connects their CEO to his wife, and Obama bundler:

Pollak’s wife, Abigail, is a campaign bundler for Obama who has raised more than $632,000 for the president this cycle, and more than $1.5 million since 2007. She has personally contributed more than $200,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2008.


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