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Mother Lied to by Obama About Her Son who Died in the Libyan Embassy Attack

Mother Lied to by Obama About Her Son who Died in the Libyan Embassy Attack

This should be shared with everyone who might cast a vote this November.

October 13, 2012: Note on the video above:

Someone changed the video originally placed here featuring Pat Smith, mother who’s son is one of the four who died in the Libyan attack with a video on a different subject.  Oddly enough, we got this off of a YouTube link, and the person that uploaded the video on Pat Smith suddenly changed the video to another topic in a revision.  We have now changed it to a CNN embedded video. We suspect someone likely put out the Pat Smith video temporarily to get sites to embed it, then changed it out. Rather strange if you saw the other video that was in its place. This CNN version of the video is now in its place.  Plus – this version of the video is far clearer.

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