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Roger L. Simon says Obama Should Resign instead of Debate Tonight

Roger L. Simon says Obama Should Resign instead of Debate Tonight

I got to say that I agree with Roger L. Simon on this one.  Of course it won’t happen as Obama is too in-love with power.  Here is what PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon says:

What I’d like to hear is Barack Obama resigning over Benghazi, the most extreme public mishandling of an attack on American personnel ever, certainly in my lifetime. If I (or most people) had been president and something like that happened on my (our) watch — and then I had lied about it myself while urging others to cover up — I would be so ashamed of myself I wouldn’t be able to come out in public.

Would be nice if Obama just resigned and gave up on reelection!  Of course he will not win.

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