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Breaking News: Greta Van Susteren Reports Documents in her Possession Prove Obama Knew During Libyan Attack it Was Terrorism

Breaking News: Greta Van Susteren Reports Documents in her Possession Prove Obama Knew During Libyan Attack it Was Terrorism

– President sits in Oval Office with Biden in receipt of emails that prove the Administration was fully aware it was terrorism, and nothing else.

– Greta asks how the cover story about “the movie” can be anything other than a lie.

– Sarah Palin almost in tears discussing the facts of Greta’s documents.

– Liz Chaney has exactly the same read, and further suggests that Obama’s claim that he did immediately did all he could to save the Americans under attack is not supported by the facts.  Facts in the documents show a SEVEN HOUR DELAY in any kind of response.

– Despite the facts, Obama leaves first thing the next morning for Las Vegas fundraisers and campaign stops.

– Greta suggests the President needs to speak to the nation to straighten this all out.

– Everyone knew in the Administration, including Obama, Biden and the entire State Department (including Hillary and Susan Rice).


Absolutely incredible.  Unbelievable!

When we find a link to the documents, we will post it.  Fox does not yet have those docs up. Also, we will look for a video of all of this.  If you have this on your DVR or TIVO, watch it start to finish. Seriously – watch the full hour.  It is great information. Do not confuse this with the Fox News Special from the weekend about the attack.  Greta has new information.



This post on Gretawire tells the story:

Then watch these interviews to get the full story:

Ambassador Bolton –

Sarah Palin –

Liz Cheney –

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