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To the European Pundits of the American Presidential Election

To the European Pundits of the American Presidential Election

Dear European Pundits of the American Presidential Election,

I know so many of you are eagerly awaiting the vindication of your love for Barack Obama.  You want to see the United States make the same mistakes you have made across your continent by having our current President spend another four years moving the United States even further toward a “European-style Socialism.” Let me first burst your bubble and tell you it is not going to happen.

Let’s define what the European style of Socialism is all about. Rather than rant about the issues I see in your system, I am just going to list examples where you Europeans have gone incredibly wrong.

  • Carbon credits and taking “global warming” so seriously that you have undermined your entire economy to save  yourself from a phantom menace.
  • You have taken the weakest countries of your Union, and made their lacking “work ethic” become the greater European standard.
  • Speaking of standards, French President Hollande is ending homework. Yes, let’s lower the standards for all so there is an equal, random chance of success in society.
  • I spoke of “global warming” a moment ago. Let’s look at Italy and its latest pseudo science efforts in the arrest, indictment and conviction of the seven scientists of “manslaughter” for a lacking earthquake prediction.
  • You are losing any kind of freedom of speech under the guise of protecting your society from “hate speech.” Commenting on the risks of Muslim fundamentalism in your countries puts you at risk for being charged with a “hate speech” crime. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s conviction in Austria is a perfect example. She told of the risks of Sharia Law, Austria had her up on charges that could have led to three years in prison. She was fined instead. Whatever happened to the total European support and acceptance of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights essentially granting freedom of speech across Europe?
  • Economics. Less work, more vacation, more sick days, unions dominate almost all industry, and efficiency is out the door. I could write volumes here on this one item, but the reason your EU economy is failing is that your system is continually running into roadblocks to efficiency that are built into the system by advocates of unions, socialists and communists.
  • Pensions for those at or nearing retirement are not at all commensurate with the economic value of that person’s contribution to the company or the public sector in which he or she worked.
  • Your health care industry is broken, despite all of your raging how great it is. It does not hold a candle to the American system (Obama is trying to destroy).
  • Your taxation policies are unreal. From the VAT that nobody really sees, to the incredibly high taxes proposed for France, you guys are killing your economy.

Don’t take all of the above as criticism.  Your continent has some of the best the world has to offer when it comes to just about anything. We watch from over here hardly believing that you are doing all of this to yourself in the name of fairness and equality.

I know many of the reasons you all love Barack Obama and our Democrats so much has to do with “racism.”  You believe that the entire Republican Party is racist. What you fail to understand is that our media here, our media icons, our Hollywood celebrities and our key newspapers all run with the narrative that anything that gets in the way of the Democrat Party needs to be called out as racist. There are race-baiters in this country that take a great man, like Mitt Romney, and try to attribute racism to anything and everything he does. That is total BS.

The same can be said for “The War on Women.”  This is a fictional narrative (nice way of saying a total lie) that was built upon nonsense stories that have no basis in reality. It turns out that Republicans like women. Some are even married to women. Many women are Republicans.

The Republican Party consists of those that have an economic agenda to bring prosperity to the entire nation.  We reject the clearly failed Keynesian view of economics, and we are true believers in the well-proven supply side theories that have worked many times in the past. Read David Stockman’s book “The Triumph Of Politics: The Inside Story of the Reagan Revolution” and you will learn what we are all about. 

Back to you and your opinions of our Presidential Candidates. We are not going to make the same mistakes you have made. Barack Obama would be able to flip the country on its back if he he is elected for another four years by simply appointing another two or three justices to the Supreme Court of the United States.  The conservative justices on our Supreme Court are older.  Two or three will likely leave the court over the next four years.  That alone would lock in Obama’s extreme agenda.

You will see Mitt Romney come out on top. He will win. You do not believe it because you thought all of the  polls from the Summer into the final day of the election were “real.” For the most part, they are designed to manipulate the outcome. They are attempts to sway the election.  One that is more independent is Gallup. Notice that Gallup is showing Mitt well ahead. Also notice all of the issues the Gallup organization has had with the Obama Administration, with an “indictment hanging” over the organization because Obama’s David Axelrod did not like how the Gallup organization was showing reality in the polls. Google it and learn. That “indictment” hanging over the Gallup organization was totally designed to get them to play ball, Obama-style. Fortunately, they did not.  

The polls always get real about two weeks out. They want people to trust them and news organizations to pay for them in the future.  The polls you see now are real. By next week they will be very real.

Europe does not choose our leadership. We do not choose yours, although it would likely have benefited you greatly if we did.

Thanks for watching from afar. Once the election is over, we are fine with you hiring Barack Obama as the leader of the EU. He will fit right in.

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