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Life’s Short, So Did Joseph Biden’s Son Attempt to Become a Client of Ashley Madison?
Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Retweeted by Donald Trump – We’re very proud!
Conservative Twitter: Explained from the Binge and Purging Perspective
It’s tough being famous, so @megynkelly needs to take ten days off. Why not ten years?
Cannot get a warrant, so we have to ignore the constitution? That is what @ChrisChristie says

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The Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate says it has beheaded Croatian hostage
Kristi Yamaguchi Endorses Romney… We Always Knew She was Very Smart!
Bill Clinton made $48 Million in Foreign Speaker Fees that Needed his Wife’s State Department Approval
Obama is Not Kennedy – Obama is Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin
Apparently a Free Press that Does NOT Use Valerie Jarrett’s Talking Points is NOT Acceptable
Bristol Palin Stands Up For Herself, and Defends her Mom, Sarah Palin
Here is a video that looks into Ron Paul’s “Newsletters” that are said to be “racist”
Romney Should NOT Leave Palin out of GOP Convention – or – It Will Damage Him
Judge rules against Gov. Jindal in Louisiana Common Core lawsuit
So @HillaryClinton puts out a fact sheet about “the emails” – forgetting to mention #TopSecret emails
Obama is Using the FCC to Attack Churches and Likely END Some Religious Broadcasts
Obama Admin Moves to Block Restitution for U.S. Terror Victims
Obama Truth Team Member Stephanie Cutter Tells a Big Lie… and Gets Caught
If You Love America, You Will Recognize Obama’s Total and Complete Incompetence and Impeach Him
Stupidity at its worst: BREAKING NEWS: State Department Expected to Shoot Down Keystone XL Pipeline Project