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Read the Joseph Curl Article (linked) and Then Read My Take On It

Read the Joseph Curl Article (linked) and Then Read My Take On It

First Read This: CURL: Time for a new Republican Party

Now my comments:

The reason the Tea Party dominated two and three years ago was that it MOSTLY stuck to fiscal conservatism. The biggest reason Democrats attacked the Tea Party coalitions two and three years ago was that they saw that the Tea Party did away with much of the single-issue Republican voters and had a fiscal conservative argument. Since the days of the ‘real’ Tea Party in the streets of the country, we have had this adoption of the ‘Tea Party’ moniker by others who are trying to turn it to the other issues they want included. The Tea Party was never about cutting abortion rights, however, many claim the Tea Party moniker now in the name of stopping all abortions. 

Let’s talk about Curl’s article linked above: We have to understand something, as Joseph Curl basically points out, the abortion fight is over. We lost it in 1973. Obama is going to replace no less than two of the conservative justices on the SCOTUS, and that will make it over for another 40 years. The truth is only two of the five (or four) current ‘conservative’ justices are even thought to possibly be a vote to turn back Roe v. Wade. It was never going to happen.

The gay agenda: He says it just right with “who cares?” There is no way the Catholic church is going to start marrying gays, but other churches are. I married in the Catholic Church but grew up in the Episcopal Church. One reason I was so happy to leave the Episcopal Church is that it seems to ignore the bible on that issue. The government does not perform Christian marriages.  They don’t.  They perform at best a ceremony that is a “civil union.”  Yes, they call it marriage.  Does everyone realize that you can be married in the Catholic Church without ever doing government paperwork? Almost all churches will do this.  I point that out because our society seems to think if a marriage is not government sanctioned with a state issued marriage license, then two people are not married.  

We can still fight abortion in the states. We have had our best successes there. We will never get past the SCOTUS in trying to turn back Roe v. Wade.

Bush 43 proved to the left that they were right to fear the attack on Roe v. Wade.  His insane approach to stem cell research was puritanical. It really was. Most Republicans opposed him on it. Yet he not only held to his beliefs, he pushed back efforts to reverse his beliefs. See this: In First Veto, Bush Blocks Stem Cell Bill. They know he would have overturned Roe v. Wade. This is one key reason they do not trust those of us who vote Republican.

Why do fiscal conservatives still vote for Obama?

I was talking to a fiscal conservative friend of my.  A business associate of mine I have known for ten years. He held his nose and voted for Romney this year.  He is Jewish, and his vote seems to us like a natural. How can any person who is Jewish who wants to protect the State of Israel not vote for Romney? Well, more did this time than last time and he is one of them.  He voted Obama in 2008. Answering the question why is simple to him:  Fundamental Christians and the attack on abortion rights.  He knew that the Obama “War on Women” was really just to remind women that if Republicans could turn around Roe v. Wade, they would. His wife and all of her friends stuck with Obama without question. 

We assume too many times that for certain groups we are a “natural” coalition.  We’re wrong.  We lost massively with Cuban Americans. We lost the overall hispanic population in record turn-out numbers in some areas. 

This country is no longer all white, however, we are perceived by everyone not in our party as the “white” party.  My mother-in-law came to the United States form El Salvador as a student in 1960, legally. She is a Republican to the max. She saw what happened to her family under Socialism and Communism. She lost friends and family members as things began to spin out of control. When Castro did his Communist take-over, it affected all of Latin America to some extent at the same time. She spoke of being invited by a boyfriend to go to a protest in the town center near where she lived. She opted not to go not being very political. He went, but left in body bag that day. That is part of the reason she got out of there and never moved back. She is a natural Republican like you would expect. She voted for Romney. My mother-in-law is rare. She is hispanic in a party that is decreasing it reach into the hispanic community. 

All of the hispanic communities in our country voted for Obama. 

Why? It’s because Republicans want to send back their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, friends, and more.  Do you get that? They perceive Republicans as wanting to split their families up.  You likely think that is absurd. We would never do that. I’ve got news for you, there are many American born children, teens and even young adults that have lost parents to deportation.  Do you get that? Their parents have been deported?  Yes, their parents came here illegally. They had children who became American citizens. They get deported when they come under the scrutiny of law enforcement. Some American born have brothers and sisters born in Mexico or elsewhere, and those siblings have been deported.  They fear that a Republican administration will go insane on deportation and send everyone they can find back.

We’re not sending twenty million illegal aliens back to Mexico and Latin America if they have committed no crime other than breaking immigration law. There is no way that is ever going to happen. Romney and our fellow Republicans who have a brain all know that.  Seriously, we all know that. We have to have a real immigration policy that closes the border and finds a way to integrate all of those here into our society legally.

For those that don’t know, I was a Democrat for many years.  I was raised in a Democrat household and it just did not seem right to me.  I had parents in the media locally in the city I grew up in. I tried to believe in the liberal way, but I took my college Economic classes to a whole new level when I got out of college and realized that the professors were wrong. Keynesian economics was fatally flawed, and David Stockton and supply-side economics was right. Every tax and spend Democrat has proven Keynesianism to be wrong. Every Republican, plus Gingrich’s Republican Revolution proved supply-side was correct. (Note I did not give that success to Bill Clinton.)

I have known all of this a long time.  I have known our party had a fatal flaw that was going to keep it from winning a Ronald Reagan sized majority. We have to get real and understand that if we do not let go of those things the party can never win, we are pushing those that could be in our coalition over to the left. That hastens the adoption of Socialism, loss of gun rights and more.  Your freedom of speech is likely going to be seriously affected over the next four years. Sticking with those that insist on getting their way or its the highway is stupid. We need to get real and drop those off that can no longer join us without pushing their single agenda, and let them start their own party.

Finally, we need to plan for the future. We need to understand that tens of millions of new citizens are coming into our voting rolls. These are the people that are already here. We have a lifetime minority voting block if we do not find a way to welcome minorities of all ethnicities into our party. We are about to never have a chance to take the White House again if we do not make the necessary changes and face the reality that is reality.

You can listen to those that say to the contrary, but they are wrong. Like most of you I listen to Rush and others that say our current platform will work if we just push it harder. They’re very wrong. We lost to an obvious sociopathic liar in a campaign that revealed more and more of Obama’s insidious lies.  We lost when there was enough about Benghazi out there to get most presidents impeached and removed. This president won because the American electorate trusts Republicans even less. Yes, we are far more honorable. They just don’t want what they perceive as the ‘moral police’ coming into power.

Do you get it? You will, like it or not. That’s the way it is. It will not be changing back. 


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