Join Us in Defeating Obama Socialism by Winning in 2016!

If we want to truly win, Rand Paul 2016 is our ONLY choice

If we want to truly win, Rand Paul 2016 is our ONLY choice

I am going to give you five reasons for Rand Paul in 2016.  I think we have to win, and this is the one that can turn it around.

1. With such strong social networks, the young voters are always going to come out from this point forward. The right cannot count on young people not to come out. Our candidate has to appeal to the young.

2. He is a fiscal conservative, but totally will not worry anyone about taking us to war.

3. He is not as crazed as his dad, and is a really strong Senator.  I really like him as a Senator.

4. Someone needs to bring in ethnic diversity to the Republican Party, and Rand Paul appeals across ethnic lines.  Plus, I know he can frame the debate in a way that let’s everyone know he is for them, too.

5. He is unlike anyone else we have in the party. We are lucky he is a Republican. We need to do right by him and make him our nominee.


Do you agree? Tell me your thoughts!

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