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The Reasons I am Okay with Trump being in the Primary Race

The Reasons I am Okay with Trump being in the Primary Race

Here they are… The Reasons I am Okay with Trump being in the Primary Race

Do note: I don’t really think he is going to get the GOP nomination.

  1. Every time he slams Barack Obama, Hillary, the Iran Deal,Obama’s trade deals, the economy, and more, he is telling people that would otherwise ONLY listen to Obama and his MSM what is really happening. He is reaching people no GOP candidate can ever reach.
  2. He simplifies the complicated. While many pretend the man is stupid, nobody else who complains about him has a net worth of about ten billion. He is smart and he simplifies the complicated and makes it easy to understand.
  3. The GOP is trying to coronate either Jeb or Kasich, with back-ups being Christie or (it appears) even Rubio. They want a party man that will allow them to follow all of the edicts of the party leaders, taking great care to not offend those that buy their influence. Like with Boehner and McConnell, it is NOT about winning the POTUS. It IS about keeping their influence over the party and their gravy train bringing the cash in.
  4. We in the GOP CANNOT give in to the politically correct environment that is dominating politics. We need to reject using the same PC tactics that the Dems (Socialists) use on us. We cannot be playing gotcha with our own people. By trying to knock-out trump every step of the way, we are subverting our highest ranked candidate by legitimizing the use of those Nazi like tactics.
  5. He is leading in the polls. You cannot try to kick out the person most potential voters want in while he is doing so well. The GOP has to realize that they will kill off interest in the entire GOP if they are seen as pushing him out. The MSM loves Erick Erickson kicking Trump out of his forum. Really what he did was make sure the donor class that even he is subservient to had a nice time without Trump around. What they really had was a Salem Witch trial and conviction, with the penalty being exclusion. That make the event incomplete.
  6. He was attacked by Fox News regardless of what you or anyone might think.  It was an attempt at a knock-out. We cannot let these knock-out attempts take root. They will use this on anyone we like, regardless.

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