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What’s the Message from Donald Trump Supporters?

What’s the Message from Donald Trump Supporters?

I am watching the media trying to understand the phenomenon of the candidacy of Donald Trump.  When I say media, I am talking about ALL of the media. Everyone includes the leftwing media outlets that are essentially Obama press offices (New York Times), the usual media outlets that we on the right call the “mainstream media,” and the conservative media.

They don’t get the message as they watch Donald Trump. The reason they don’t get the message from Donald Trump is that Donald Trump is not the message.

Here’s the message:



Did you catch that?


One more time…



The Back Story:

We elected a House of Representatives that took back control of the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. We did this in November of 2010. The conservative electorate was enraged by the passage of “Obamacare.”  Republicans ran on the repeal of Obamacare. Senators ran on this. So did House members. We did not get the Senate that time, but we did get the House. They did nothing to reverse it. Nothing.

The 2012 Election came around and we had a GOP establishment candidate running that seemed like one hell of a nice guy. He was so nice that he didn’t push his positions in the debates and let Obama take all but the first debate. We made further gains in the Senate, but not enough. The GOP establishment made it clear they hate the Tea Party. “Tea Party” is a word that is used for anyone they dislike that is within the confines of the GOP. Some of us have never even been to a Tea Party rally, yet we are dismissed as being outside of the main party.

The GOP establishment went to war with the elements it called The Tea Party. Rather than learn the lessons of the election, they decided the lessons of the elections were to diminish The Tea Party.

Those of us outside of the GOP Establishment didn’t get one very important fact:

The GOP Establishment simply loved the status quo in Washington.


They were fine being the “opposition party” without a President in the White House. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell would lose a lot of power when a GOP president is in office. The control over the donors of the party would be gone, as the a GOP POTUS would control everything. If the wrong POTUS, in their eyes, was elected, they would end up with someone that actually makes it hard for them to control any money. They know a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul would make their lives hell.

The GOP Establishment was fine not having the White House, and none of us really understood that on the outside. We thought they wanted it as much as we did.

The GOP Establishment learned that they could hold mock votes that were meaningless on the topics the base wanted to work on. They voted 50 times to defund Obamacare, although they never tied it to a real bill that could actually do the job.

We got them the Senate in 2014.

Now we assumed our agenda would be taken seriously. There is simply no way Obama can get around us. Reid ruled as a Senate dictator, making 50 votes work for anything. We assumed Mitch McConnell was so pissed at Reid’s abuse of power that he would do the same and turn things around.

No. Mitch went after his real enemies – from his perspective: The non-compliant GOP Senators such as Cruz, Lee and Paul.

We all saw this and were speechless. What is McConnell doing?

The same with Boehner. He went after the opposition that he knew were not going to support him. He took it out on them by bumping them from committees and cutting off any election funding help. The GOP majority meant to him there are a few people he could lose. Rather than think about veto proof majorities, he instead though about undermining members and chopping their funding off for elections.


We all get it now:

  • We understand that the GOP Establishment is corrupt.
  • We understand that Mitch McConnell does not have the best interest of our nation at heart. He can cry about it, but we see through him.
  • We understand that John Boehner is a retaliatory Speaker that wants nothing more than to help a few members get a hasty exit from Congress, even if we lose those seats.
  • We understand that Karl Rove and similar types in the party are all for those candidates that keep the money coming in for their discretion. Jeb or Kasich are okay, but not winning the presidency is better than getting a Cruz, Paul or Trump as POTUS.
  • We understand they will never truly overturn Obamacare.
  • We understand they will not even take funding away from Planned Parenthood.
  • We understand that they are trying to suppress the vote of those they don’t like by ignoring the candidates they know will not play ball.


What the GOP Establishment Must Understand:

We’re not reality show fans.

We’re out to take your power away by putting the right candidates in office. It may be Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. It may be even Walker. We’re not going to accept the candidates you have chosen for us. Katich, Jeb and others who are fine with the status quo – or – those candidates who will lose for sure, leaving your power and control of the party in place, are no longer going to work for us. We see through you.


It ends now.


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