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Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins Dubious Claim Breitbart.com likely Paid Off by Trump

Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins Dubious Claim Breitbart.com likely Paid Off by Trump

Do you even know who McKay Coppins is?

He’s not just someone with two odd last names instead of any real identity, based on his writing and topics covered, he’s someone that absolutely, positively hates Trump. Maybe it’s just that he likes writing negative things about Trump? Regardless, Google McKay Coppins and Donald Trump and you will see the efforts he has made.

Now he is after Breitbart.com, suggesting with information gained from three sources he has inside of Breitbart.com and one source outside of Breitbart.com he strongly suspects Breitbart.com has some kind of financial relationship with  Donald Trump in exchange for writing positive stories.

Let’s go to the quote from Coppins via Buzzfeed:

McKay Coppins is NOT related to Mary Poppins

According to four sources with knowledge of the situation, editors and writers at the outlet have privately complained since at least last year that the company’s top management was allowing Trump to turn Breitbart into his own fan website — using it to hype his political prospects and attack his enemies. One current editor called the water-carrying “despicable” and “embarrassing,” and said he was told by an executive last year that the company had a financial arrangement with Trump. A second Breitbart staffer said he had heard a similar description of the site’s relationship with the billionaire but didn’t know the details; and a third source at the company said he knew of several instances when managers had overruled editors at Trump’s behest. Additionally, a conservative communications operative who works closely with Breitbart described conversations in which “multiple writers and editors” said Trump was paying for the ability to shape coverage, and added that one staffer claimed to have seen documentation of the “pay for play.”

All four sources spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to jeopardize their jobs; and none knew exactly how Trump’s alleged arrangement with the privately held company worked.

Breitbart executive chair Steve Bannon responded to questions with a statement denying that the company has ever had a “financial relationship” with the candidate.


So… who really thinks that McKay Coppins would even have sources in Breitbart that would open up to him? I sure don’t. There are a lot of people OUTSIDE of Breitbart.com that are furious that Breitbart is not joining the GOP Insider’s efforts to stomp out all support for Donald Trump. When I say furious, you can even see it on Twitter and Facebook for some reasonably well connected people. They are mad every single time Breitbart puts up something that doesn’t undermine Trump’s campaign.

I see the line placed everywhere: “Andrew Breitbart: Donald Trump is not a conservative.”

I am sure Andrew Breitbart said it. He may even say it today if he were alive. Who knows.

Back to Coppins…

Buzzfeed has not really been the best outlet lately if you want hit pieces that will take out politicians. I have absolutely no idea who his sources are. I doubt they are inside Breitbart.  My sources inside Breitbart say McCay Coppins is – quote – “full of S—.” I will not reveal my sources either. I bet my sources are correct.

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