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Just 0.008% or eight one-thousandths of a percent of MSM time on #PlannedParenthood

Just 0.008% or eight one-thousandths of a percent of MSM time on #PlannedParenthood

Network Cover-Up: Statistically Zero Airtime for Planned Parenthood Videos

The Media Research Center did the math and found that since the release of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts trafficking, of the 243 hours of airtime available to NBC, CBS, and ABC on their various news shows, only 73 seconds has been devoted to broadcasting the actual videos. Statistically that is 0.008%, or a big fat zero. Of that 1 minute and 13 seconds: Controversial video played: 0 seconds Controversial imagery shown: 0 seconds Controversial comments said: 1 minute, 5 seconds The news shows not once played even blurred or pixilated footage of babies’ hands and legs picked apart in a dish – footage prominently shown in the fifth video. As the MRC points out, the networks do not have an ethical problem with undercover video. When the target of the video benefits Democrats or certain narratives, these surreptitiously recorded moments get all kinds of network airtime: In September 2012, the



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