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Do Black Lives Matter?  Do Alternative Points of View Matter?

Do Black Lives Matter? Do Alternative Points of View Matter?

Let me among the many to say that black lives do matter. Let me add that all lives matter equally in the eyes of God. Okay, that’s it. That should be all any of us have to hear or write on this matter.

What doesn’t matter are protests that are based on lies. What doesn’t matter are points of view that are enforced by intimidation. The who that doesn’t matter are those who want to silence opposition to the politically correct points of view as militantly pushed by organizations like Black Lives Matter and those politically militant organizations on the Missouri University campus.

The facts are not fun for those in these organizations:

  1. Michael Brown did not say “hands up, don’t shoot.” Instead he charged Darren Wilson after the first confrontation where Brown tried to get the officer’s gun.
  2. After the Baltimore riots, the city has its highest murder rate in decades.
  3. Allegations made on behalf of the activists at Missouri University are mostly untrue.
  4. The Paris Attacks are about issues that are real, unlike what happens in the fanatical minds of the more radical MIZZOU Students.

The political militants on campuses across the nation have taken away the alternative points of view. In their quest to have “safe places” where they can be without alternative points of view, they have really killed all free speech on campus. College was always supposed to be the place where someone could go and think as they think and say what they believe. Now they cannot. They have to fall in line with the point of view of the left wing extremists on campus, or they will be marked for retribution.


Open Discussion Can Change Minds:

I went to college in the 1980’s. It was great back then.  I actually started college as a Democrat (came from liberal parents of the 60’s & 70’s).  I got a finance degree and realized in my economics classes that everything the Democrats had said for years was flat wrong. I came late to the Reagan party, but I came to understand that Reagan’s top economic guru David Stockman was totally correct.

I wont change the subject and make that argument here. My point in this is that it was through discussion in class, an open minded (non-Marxist) professor, and many talks with friends at my university that I came to understand the real truth of how economies work. I understood that I was wrong. I changed because I listened to another point of view. Although contrary to what I long believed, I began to understand that the economic proof had been proven time and time again.  I never voted for Reagan, but I became a supporter of him late in his second administration. I was late to the party, but I got it. It was an open mind that made it clear to me.


Fast forward to today.

Today  on many campuses nobody would allow for such an open discussion. Today it would violate someone’s “safe space” to even have such a discussion. Minds are made up because a huge percentage of Democrats and Marxist professors have already determined the truth of all issues of economics.  They have on all matters, of course.

I have two sons.  One is ten and one is twelve. I am going to encourage them to be very careful about the campus they pick. They need to go to an open campus where the minds are not already made up. Ultimately, I will let them choose. I know they will make the right decision.

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