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If you think some Republicans would rather lose than have Trump as President, You’re Right

If you think some Republicans would rather lose than have Trump as President, You’re Right

If you support Donald Trump, you know that some of the biggest haters are in the Republican Party. You have the talking heads that were once associated with either one of the two Bush presidents that are continually bashing Trump. You have to the “GOP political consultants” who are putting together schemes and campaigns to “knock Trump of of the race.” You see GOP insiders that are currently in the House and Senate that simply hate Trump and slam him every chance they get.

rp-smAll that’s true.  But did you notice one person who does not necessarily want Trump to win, but is treating Trump with respect day and day out?  That’s Reince Priebus.

Why is Reince treating Donald Trump with such respect when many others are not?

I am not going to suggest that it is all about the money for Reince Priebus.  I appreciate that he treats Donald Trump with respect.  I will say this, more than any other Republican Reince knows how the money works in the party. Once Donald Trump is nominated as the GOP candidate for POTUS, all of the party’s apparatus is then dedicated to making him President. They majority of the money goes into that effort. The GOP nominated candidate has some significant control over how the GOP money is spent.

If Donald Trump wins, he is the de facto head of the Republican Party. As a GOP elected President of the United States, Trump would have near total control over the inner workings of the Republican Party. If somebody hated Trump along the way to getting the nomination so much he made outlandish and awful statements about Donald Trump, he or she may be out of favor when it comes to anything GOP related. The GOP elected President will not truly run the party, but he can influence who is running it. Reince Priebus is wise to be so fair. Going to Trump’s office personally to get the pledge signed not to run third party was not a move he made just to be nice. He showed he is prudent. He knows something is different this year, and he better not burn the bridge to this highly popular candidate.

I am not going to single out a negative person in a real negative way. But let’s look at Rick Wilson and his frequent Donald Trump slams. He is clearly going to be on the outs with the GOP Party if Trump becomes President. There are many other conservative groups that will keep him busy, so he won’t be shutting down. Plus, he comments over at CNN for pay I assume. They’ll certainly love to have a GOP’er slamming a GOP President from time to time.

Others like Rove raise their own money. They know they have far greater control of candidates and incumbents if there is not a Donald Trump in the White House.

Do these people want Donald Trump to lose if he gets the nomination?

I bet that some do. Some that are very tied to the GOP for their living will know they are persona non grata at a Trump White House. They know that those they raise funds from will know that Trump does not like them. If they want to donate to keep Trump in the White House for a second term, they know that perhaps Rick Wilson and Karl Rove are not the men to do it.

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