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Three Reasons We’re “Okay” with Donald Trump NOT Allowing Muslims in

Three Reasons We’re “Okay” with Donald Trump NOT Allowing Muslims in

Let’s start with REASON NUMBER ONE:

Barack Obama is letting waves of Syrian “refugees” in who he knows are more than 99.5% Muslim.  At the same time he’s kicking out Syrian Christians who made it to the United States to escape the ISIS domination of Iraq and Syria.  For some odd reason, they want to live, and he’s sending them back to certain death.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.13.49 AMREASON NUMBER TWO:

They’re not really “refugees.” Let’s get very real here. They are basically 80% plus males, leaving the area of Syria via Turkey to get to areas where they will have a chance at unleashing their anger and aggression on a new home. They are raping and pillaging as they go through Europe. They create zones in those countries the local authorities are afraid to enter.


With the “refugee status” they are on our welfare system without any restrictions. We house and support them. Obama is paying millions to complicit churches to  welcome and house them. There is no tracking these people. They can even work and take jobs from Americans.

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