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If @realDonaldTrump Gets a Huge Majority of GOP Delegates at the Convention, We MIGHT Be Able to Take Over the Entire GOP Party

If @realDonaldTrump Gets a Huge Majority of GOP Delegates at the Convention, We MIGHT Be Able to Take Over the Entire GOP Party

So many “real conservatives’ that I know personally are constantly mad when they see Boehner, Ryan, McConnell and others sell out the interests of the GOP / Conservative / Tea Party voters over and over. They are in shock that “Speaker Paul Ryan” does not live up to the earlier version of Paul Ryan they believed in, known as the “fiscal conservative Paul Ryan.” They just cannot find a way to make the GOP leadership do what the GOP voters elected them to do. They know it’s all BS. They know the Republican Party has joined the politically correct crowd and are actually enacting the “progressive agenda” of the left.

There is no reason to think that a president other than Trump or Cruz would be able to reverse any of that.

Many on our side are frustrated that their votes time after time amount to absolutely nothing. We give the GOP the House in 2010 by a landslide, and Boehner squanders it. Paul Ryan continues on the same path, although a bit quicker.

We gave the GOP the Senate in 2014.  McConnell has arrogantly squandered that.


A Solution is Staring us in the Face – if we Take It!

These same friends of mine, mentioned above, are all at a loss for how to solve this. Some start with Levin’s Convention of the States. I love that idea, too, but there is another opportunity staring us in the face and most of us don’t realize it’s right in front of us. 

It’s about the money to these GOP members of both the House and the Senate. It’s about controlling the money. As I have pointed out in the past, the House and Senate leadership loose a lot of control of the party money if there is a GOP president elected. Putting it very simply, if Trump is nominated by the party he controls a lot of money. He can even do some changes within the party. For the party leadership, particularly the non-elected party leadership, that can be a huge problem. Why do you think Reince Priebus is so “nice” to Donald Trump? It’s because he wants to be the party nominee’s “best friend” after the GOP convention. Reince is no fool. He understands better than anyone that Trump could run anyone out of the non-elected party leadership after he is nominated – if he chose to.

The elected leaders and some of their funds are basically “untouchable” by the GOP nominee. These are party funds previously designated for House and Senate elections. The party leaders, Ryan and McConnell, basically control these funds. They get to help who they like and starve those they don’t like. The only way to affect those funds is for the Republican Party to put strings on how the money is spent. They don’t do that presently.


What If We Turned the Republican National Convention into a Republican Party Revolution?

  • What if Donald Trump got so many delegates to the Republican National Convention that his committed delegates could even overtake the power of the “super delegates” and the GOP party leadership?  Any member voting FOR the old party leadership will have money allocated to his congressional district in 2018 for the primary election to support a Republican challenger in his/her district. Same for the Senators that vote for McConnell.
  • What if the Republican National Convention became a REVOLUTION within the party where elected and non-elected party leadership took a subordinate role to new leadership that comes from within the committed Donald Trump delegate pool?
  • What if a committee of Trump committed delegates were put in charge of all of the non-elected party apparatus and the existing GOP non-elected “leadership” is thrown out with the bath water?


Here’s what we could do:

  • We could hold back Republican Party money from the House Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader unless a fiscal conservative is put in those positions and all of the leadership positions in the House and Senate. If Ryan stays, Ryan would get NO MONEY to re-elect his leadership buddies. The Republican Party would then make direct decisions as to which congressional races get its support in 2018. The same in the Senate. If McConnell stays, he gets no party money to control.
  • We could break ties with bad organizations that currently are in bed with both sides of the political spectrum. You know, like the much loved United States Chamber of Commerce. We could insist member that want help not be associated with any of the famous crony capitalism entities that try to own the party now.
  • We could insist that agencies and departments of the federal government that gave cover to law breaking Democrats by losing emails, taking the “fifth” and other overt acts be purged of the offending employees. Get them out of the federal government as they are truly partisans. When a non-appointed government employee starts playing politics for one side, they should be treated the same as employees of the same departments or agencies that are “political appointees.” They are out with the change in the presidential administration.
  • We could recommend that a new President Trump try to bring back key military leaders that retired or were forced out during the Obama administration. Perhaps give General Petraeus a pardon and bring him back if he will come?
  • More can be added to this list. Zero dollars to Planned Parenthood, recognize the correct capital of Israel once again…



Just like a “Hostile Takeover”

If we dominate the Republican National Convention in 2016 with an overwhelming number of delegates, we can take over the party. Just as in business where the majority of the shareholders fire the management of the company in a “hostile take-over,” we would have the same power if we get the vast majority of the delegates.


Does the Republican Party have protections built-in to prevent this?

Likely they do. What does that matter when you have 70% to 75% of all delegates and you replace the rules of the party with new rules?  If they don’t accept that, we simply reorganize as a “new” Republican Party, and leave them a party without any members.


Let’s Get Organized for The Delegates!

Let’s get organized. Let’s make sure that our side understands that we can change things in a big way if we come up with a coordinated plan going in. We can’t just have our delegates “show up” and expect to control the party. We cannot expect that Ryan and McConnell will take any of us seriously – unless we do this.

If we do something along this like, whether Trump wins or loses, the current GOP leadership would be thrown out. The party would belong to those selected or elected by the Trump delegates. (Of course, Trump will win if he gets the nomination!)

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