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Why have I been supporting Donald Trump all along?

Why have I been supporting Donald Trump all along?

So how can anyone decide to vote for Donald Trump?  Here’s how:

I keep having discussions with many of my Republican friends. This includes some office holders (present and past) and my other GOP friends. In talking to all of them, there is something very notably different than at any time before. What I have found is what I consider two different political parties, essentially.


The Two Republican Parties


Republican Establishment Class:

  • The RINO wing of the GOP, along with
  • The GOP pacs that support the RINO version of reality.
  • Conservatives that think Trump is another Obama in personality, and they feel we have already had our national ruled by someone that would love to be a dictator. They don’t trust Trump.
  • Those that truly hate Trump for a variety of reason.
  • McConnell, Boehner, Ryan, Graham, McCain, and the like are their leaders. Romney was their ultimate candidate.
  • This part of the GOP will never elect another president again. 


The Vast Majority of the Republican Voters:

The majority of the GOP voters has stood by and watched the GOP leadership cave to Obama time after time. We needed to get the House back, so the voters (Tea Party Landslide) brought in a landslide victory in 2010. The GOP leaders immediately ignored their voter base because they hate them, and did what they “knew was right.” They continued to cave because we need the Senate to really do anything. They allowed another establishment candidate to run for President after the failed candidacy of John McCain.  They delivered the Senate in 2014, shifting from just 45 seats as of 2012 and gaining 9 to get to 54 seats in 2014. McConnell changed nothing in the way he “did business.”  Boehner and McConnell were actually more effective at getting the Obama agenda moved forward than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

These GOP voters were fooled to some degree all along. The “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush sold out the party, selling out our liberties while raising the national debt. He had two wars… one of which is really upset the balance of power in the Middle East. The GOP voters supported Bush 43, but ultimately found someone who would not fight the “WMD” controversy even though there were some WMD’s found in modest quantities. He was choosing to ignore it and not fight it. Not too smart.

The Republican voters really got a bad taste as Bush closed out his administration in preparation for handing off the country to Barack Obama. Bush accepted the “lame duck” status as he was not a fighter. He stopped the prosecutions of the Gitmo prisoners, choosing to leave that to the next President. The tribunals were ready to go and Bush stopped it, leaving Barack Obama to decide if any of them are too dangerous to walk the planet. Apparently nobody in Gitmo was too dangerous, and most are now released and running free. Some are under limited constraints as to who they can see or what they can do. But that is more of an honor system.  People forget that Bush just ceded that power to the next president. The GOP voters also noted how when the economy fell apart due to the banking system and the mortgage market, Bush 43 did not bother to put the blame on President Carter’s Housing and Community Development Act of 1977, and the manipulation of this act to get totally unqualified loans pushed through for unqualified buyers despite their credit or income. The Clinton Administration made huge changes to this that really made it mandatory to ignore the math. (More here on this.) There was Barney Frank’s famous role here, and the rest is basically history. (Barney’s role here.)

The GOP voters saw the complete sell-out of the agenda they voted for in favor of getting along with President Obama. While there was some early push-back with Budget Control Act of 2011 and the “sequestration” attached, never again did the Republicans stand tall and fight Obama.  They did not even give in after the 2014 victory delivering the Senate to the GOP to go along with the House that had been GOP since 2010.

The RINO’s have been complicit at allowing and inviting the wave of immigration. They have been complicit in letting the Mexican boarder never get protected. They have not fought the good fight for keeping potential Muslim radicals and jihadis out of the country. Instead, they played along. They caved in every way. They wanted to keep the donor class giving, so the visa waivers were allowed to be granted like grains of sand on a beach.

The RINO’s did not stand up when it came time to speak up about the Christian genocide that is happening throughout Muslim controlled countries. They did nothing to save these people. Our allies, the Kurds in Iraq, were slaughtered while this President pretended it was only a “JV squad” called “ISIL” as a slam to the legitimacy of Israel. Obama did nothing.

The RINO’s allowed Obama to make a “deal” with Iran that was PRE-APPROVED, taking what should have been a post-deal approval and giving the President a green light to do anything. And he did the unthinkable with Iran. The RINO GOP’ers did not only come along for the ride, they made the ride possible. Without selling out in advance on Iran, nothing would have happened. You have these RINO’s to thank the day Iran has a working nuclear weapon.


Why Donald Trump?

I fit into the second group of the GOP. We have been totally betrayed by the establishment, and we are committed to taking all power away from the GOP elite that have run the party for way too long. They say the right things to barely get elected, and then they do as they want with their “private GOP party.” They party with the money, forgetting the voters. They are bought and sold, yet tell themselves that they are voting against what their voters wish because they know better. Really, they know they are not representing the majority of GOP voters. They just don’t care.

This sentiment is why I don’t trust anyone from the establishment. Out for me immediately was Jeb Bush, Kasich, Graham, Pataki, and Christie. We understood that any of those cannot be trusted if they were to win. They hate the majority of the voters and will sell-out the fundamentals of the party any day.

I had to ignore the candidacy of those that I feel cannot win regardless. I never liked Santorum, and I knew he could never win. Huckabee is basically an insider. Nice guy, but no. Rand Paul doesn’t get it when it comes to fighting radical Islam.

I like Marco Rubio, but I just don’t trust him. I have researched him a lot and I just find that he is going to sell-out on immigration the moment he is in power. I not only don’t trust him, I believe he is deliberately lying to get elected. If he wins, he will ignore the voters who put him there.

The hardest one is Ted Cruz. He is my Senator from Texas. Cornyn belongs to the RINO’s, so I don’t claim him. Cruz has spoken up in ways that have elevated my understanding of just what is going on. The times he has taken to the Senate floor to call our our own leadership and the back room deals that have undermined all GOP voters has been highly educational. I would vote for Ted Cruz in a second to be president, but I am not sure he can win in the general election. On top of that, although I know him to be a United States natural born citizen, there is no doubt if he is either the GOP candidate for POTUS or VP, he will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court by Dems. They are going to make this challenge. If they did so after the nomination, we might see ONLY a Democrat ticket on the ballot in November. Remember, we have a Supreme Court that will do almost anything now. You cannot tell me there are not FOUR votes that would automatically kick Cruz off the ballot and give the election to whoever the Dems stick out there. That gives them a chance to get a fifth vote in the court and make it happen. We might ever seen one of the SCOTUS members have to leave the court… or die of old age. One morning the SCOTUS could swing to a fifth locked-in Democrat leaning vote. All of this is too high risk more me. I understand that Ted Cruz has argued before the Supremes… and won. But this is mostly unprecedented – with the exception of Bush v. Gore in 2000. That one swung to Bush by a vote of 7 to 2.

About a month ago I jumped from supporting Trump or Cruz to just supporting Trump.



So Here’s Why with Trump:

  • I trust him.
  • I believe he loves the country like I do.
  • I don’t go as hardline as many in the GOP do on certain issues, so I can handle where he stands. He has it all on his website despite what others may tell you. I checked this carefully.
  • He is extremely brilliant and can learn anything.
  • He is not owned by anyone. While this sounds small, it is clear that K Street dominates our politics today. Trump is one that will not sell out.
  • He likes people. You cannot tell me that Barack Obama likes people. You can see it.
  • He’s a populist that will cut across party lines. Look for a huge number of Democrats to vote for Trump. Look for the growing independents in our society to also go for Trump.
  • He is way more competent that most of the GOP competition. I would not make that statement against Ted Cruz, who I would love to see as President. It’s not going to happen, but I trust him as much.


I understand why some hate Trump. The RINO’s understand that a Trump presidency means they are no longer able to INDEPENDENTLY control the money of the GOP party without some major input from a President Trump. I explained this here in detail a couple of months ago:

If you think some Republicans would rather lose than have Trump as President, You’re Right

I understand those that consider themselves to be “real conservatives” that don’t see any way Trump can be considered a party of the Republican party. I guess the “big tent crowd” only wants those that 100% agree with them.

I believe Trump will basically bring together a consensus that is much more logical to government, while not selling out the country again and again. I think he will do a great job.

You can agree, disagree or even post nasty comments below, but I am telling you right now he will not only win the GOP nomination, but will be the 45th President 0f the United States.

Decades later, people will likely revere Trump the way they revere Ronald Reagan.






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