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How can the Washington Post publish an opinion piece truly suggesting DonaldTrump is a new Hitler?

How can the Washington Post publish an opinion piece truly suggesting DonaldTrump is a new Hitler?

This is not only insulting, it’s actually factually stupid. Danielle Allen wrote this most absurd comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Like Obama before her, she’s from Harvard. She is described by the Washington Post as “a political theorist at Harvard University and a contributing columnist for The Post.”

Her headline: “The moment of truth: We must stop Trump.” How dramatic, and what a piece of utter BS.

The comparison is based on her read of “Men in Dark Times” by Hannah Arendt. And,  no, I have not read this rather obscure book. I have read William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” (volumes one and two) more than once. I’ve read others by Shirer, Ian Kershaw and others. I have read about Joseph Stalin of Russia and Mao Zedong of China. I am just old enough to have met US soldiers that put their lives on the line to save America and the free world from tyrants such as these. Yes, I know Stalin was an ally in World War II, but he and Mao fit right in with Hitler when it comes to their most terrible club. Mao and Hitler are both incredibly evil, and the millions they ordered to their deaths is a stain on humanity.

arendtI get that in academia quoting an obscure book published in 1968 that you know few others contemporaries today have ever read allows you to draw conclusions that nobody can challenge. I agree the book looks fascinating and I just bought the Kindle version.

The problem with Danielle Allen’s article / opinion piece is there is simply no comparison between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. 

Some facts about Hitler:

  • Adolph Hitler started his campaign of hate in the early 1920’s, long before he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He had not only spoke of “the Jews” being the personification of evil in German society, he also took up arms in his effort to overthrow the German Weimar Republic.
  • He was without close family, although he had a sister alive through the war. He had incestuous relations with a niece.
  • Hitler’s infamous Beer Hall Putsch took place on November 8th and 9th, 1923. Twenty people DIED in that insurrection, including four police officers and 16 Nazis.
  • Hitler went to jail for this, but only for nine months. He wrote the first version of his infamous and evil Mein Kampf.
  • Hitler essentially had a private security force that would later become the SS, his most feared weapon against anyone.
  • Hitler, like our current President of the United States, did not like the idea that he would have to work with the German legislative body, the Reichstag. Rather than negotiate with this body, something happened on February 27, 1933 that changed everything. The Reichstag caught fire and burned to the ground. Some early on suggest that is was a Nazi false flag operation. More contemporary historians now believe that it was one communist at the time. Either theory has some credibility, but for Hitler it was an opportunity to take full control of the government. He wiped out the power of the Reichstag, and became the total leader of the country in a matter of days.
  • Hitler also banned guns in the hands of those that were politically opposed to them. Gun licenses were revoked and guns were seized from all opposition parties. The party members were later arrested, with most being killed. Independent gun clubs were banned. Guns were seized even where politics were not the purpose of the gun clubs.

Where does Donald Trump match the evil of Adolf Hitler?

  • Trump is outspoken, but he is not suggesting any group of people be killed.
  • Trump has a normal & smart family. He is of strong character.
  • Trump has not “taken up arms” against the US like Hitler did against his own country.
  • Trump has not been jailed for months – and he did not write a hate book like Mein Kampf.
  • Trump does not have a security force that he can order to kill people.
  • Trump did not burn down the United States Congress. Instead, he was a champion of the efforts to rebuild after the 9/11 attacks.
  • Trump is NOT for gun control.

We could go there more with the current President than with Trump:

  • Obama has palled around with terrorists.
  • Obama wrote about a girl friend that did not exist. He later claimed it to be a composite of several. Odd? Hell yes!
  • Obama has had close association with many Marxists over his life, including his mother and his maternal grand parents.
  • He wrote a book as his political introduction that is so full of falsehoods, only in Obama’s American can it be called “non-fiction.”
  • Obama endorses lawless organizations that burn property during riots where random bullets were fired off daily.
  • Obama would take every last gun… and probably outlaw the bible sitting next to the gun.

Obama’s not Hitler, and neither is Donald Trump. This article is a disgrace. It makes it clear that the Harvard of decades ago is long gone. The Washington Post is nothing more than a propaganda rag with a very light circulation. In fact, it’s “circulatory system” is likely near “cardiac arrest.”


The evil article: HERE


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How can the Washington Post publish an opinion piece truly suggesting DonaldTrump is a new Hitler?
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