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I just had to answer Peter Alexander of NBC News – America’s Latest Victim!

I just had to answer Peter Alexander of NBC News – America’s Latest Victim!


Like you, I have two children. Unlike you, I am tired of PC conformity where societal rules are set by leftists to be enforced on those they disagree with.

The whole idea of shutting down speech you don’t like so that nobody is offended is insane. We have been able to survive just fine over the years allowing people to speak their minds. Idiots get shunned by society. Threats get prosecuted. Stupid gets ignored.

Now you have college campuses that enforce limitations on the speech they disagree with, and yet attack personally those that violate the limitations they try to impose. They create safe spaces to preserve their little bubbles they think they have to have which are free of disagreement. They limit any disagreeable speech to “free speech zones” and enforce tight restrictions on what can and cannot happen inside such a zone.

You’re irritated that Trump speaks his mind in ways that you would not want your daughters to hear. You know what bothers me? I see many of the very networks of your fellow reporters running “erectile disfunction” ads right in the middle of their news. Usually on cable networks. What I do is hold a remote and MUTE when watching with my two sons. I cannot stop those ads no matter how much I would like to. Too bad for me.

You’re trying to take your five minutes being called out by Trump and turn yourself into a victim. Really? He mocked you a bit. The reason it worked against you is that YOU are trying to flip the narrative into something it is not. The real narrative of this election INCLUDES political correctness turning into policy. One policy is runaway illegal immigration being helped along by calling out anyone that opposes it as “racists.” It’s now not PC to not favor open borders.

He handled you well. Get that crocheted on a pillow for sure. You should actually do that. You’re not really destined to stay on the network level for too long of a period. I could be wrong. Maybe NBC is a dead news agency that really has no one deeper than you on the bench?

Good luck keeping up with Trump. (I would trade places in an instant to be there following his campaign!)


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I just had to answer Peter Alexander of NBC News – America’s Latest Victim!
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