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About Us

About Us

UPDATE: November 27, 2012:

I really hoped to update this in November of 2012 with a victory message and a thank you to all who helped us win this thing… But we didn’t win this thing. We lost an election corrupted by the MSM, and we lost an election we should have won. We also needed to desperately take back the Senate. We not only failed to do that, we lost enough seats to insure we have zero chance to take the Senate until 2018.
We have to unite and find a way to get back on top. Suggestion please!

Let me know how can help in this fight.

 Do YOU Want to Write a Column on  

If you want a column on the main site, tell me. If you have ideas that allow us allow us all to organize together, tell me. We want to play a role that is more effective in the future. God Bless America, and let’s do what comes next!




OUR PRIOR INTO MESSAGE BEFORE THE 2012 ELECTION: is a community site created for all things NOBAMA.

We welcome the complete NOBAMA Community, and we encourage you to send us links to your like minded web sites.

Who are we?

This site started with many that believed that Obama was just a lot of hot air.  Many were originally Hillary supporters.  Many were McCain supporters.  Many were conservatives.  As time progresses – and the election took place – our group has evolved into a group of those who oppose socialism and the policies of Barack Obama. Now here it is very close to the Election that will change all of our lives forever – hopefully for the better! We’re in this to win it.


Who should join?

Like minded Americans.  If you believe that Obama is taking us down the wrong path, do join with us.


In the Forum:

Our forum is for members only.  We will share our forum with like minded conservatives that believe as we believe.  There are pleny of other places for those with opposing views.  


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