Dear RINO’s: You Destroy Michele Bachmann at Your Own Peril

Dear RINO’s: You Destroy Michele Bachmann at Your Own Peril

I will be the first to admit, I have not been keeping my eye on the ball when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood taking hold in the Obama Administration and in Hillary Clinton’s State Department. When I first heard that Michele Bachmann had put out the now infamous letters, I thought to myself, “Oh,Continue Reading

Must Read on Gateway Pundit: Tale of Two Charts: Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs – Unlike Obama’s Spend Your Way to Hell Plan

As a former stock broker and as someone that has made my living off of stocks for the past decade, I can tell you I love charts.  Now, these two charts have little to do with stocks, but you simply must see the two charts on Gateway Pundit!   Posted by Jim Hoft, this isContinue Reading

A Classic Michelle Obama Moment: “For the first time in my adult life…”

Many have not heard this one in a while. We need to remember it as we start getting ready to vote. Share it, please!   Let’s make her proud this November by letting her know that our country’s electorate does not have to make a mistake two presidential elections in a row!Continue Reading

Obama is Just Rude – Hear These Accounts

Insults 9/11 widow Debra Burlingame in a meeting with her when he does not like the question. He insults John Lott in their very first meeting. He likes to “turn and walk away” when he anyone confronts him.  It is not like you can just decide to follow the President of the United States asContinue Reading

Issa Reports: Another Solyndra Sized (or BIGGER) Green Energy Failure

When is someone in the MSM going to hold these guys accountable? Oh yea, never. Thanks again to Darrell Issa!Continue Reading

This is Important: Rep. Darrell Issa with Greta Van Susteren “On The Record” Tells of the Retaliatory Threats Against Whistleblowers

“There will be consequences” if you are a whistleblower in the ATF / Obama administration. The Obama Administration is clearly pushing the limits, and then crossing the line into corruption. We owe many thanks to the HEROS who have reached out to Darrell Issa and his committee!Continue Reading

Obama Again Using His Daughters to Get Votes – Pathetic

Obama Again Using His Daughters to Get Votes – Pathetic

This is another pathetic use of Barack’s children to push for votes:Continue Reading

Text Version of the Alert in Gary Johnson Article

WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN ATTACHMENT TO THE ARTICLE ON GARY JOHNSON’S CAMPAIGN. THIS IS A TEXT VERSION OF THE IMAGES IN THE ARTICLE DATED MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012     Important Alert! We recently spoke to Brazil Resource (TSXV: BRI & OTC: BRIZF) Chairman Amir Adnani, he told us something that we thought we shouldContinue Reading

The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

Sometimes when you have a candidate that is struggling in the polls, you have to throw a few Hail Mary passes. You have to decide what your message is. Then you have to go out and get the message out. While Gary Johnson is getting a surprising 5.3% according to a poll by JZ Analytics, he isContinue Reading

Charles Krauthammer Responds to Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That”

Nobody says it quite like Charles Krauthammer.  He puts the hammer down on Obama’s remark. Now, there is nothing out of context in what Obama said. His comment was a window into his soul. It was another “Joe the Plumber Moment” as some have said.Continue Reading