Join Us in Defeating Obama Socialism by Winning in 2016!

Our Mission

Our Mission

UPDATE: November 27, 2012:

I really hoped to update this in November of 2012 with a victory message and a thank you to all who helped us win this thing… But we didn’t win this thing. We lost an election corrupted by the MSM, and we lost an election we should have won. We also needed to desperately take back the Senate. We not only failed to do that, we lost enough seats to insure we have zero chance to take the Senate until 2018. 
We have to unite and find a way to get back on top. Suggestion please!

Let me know how can help in this fight.

 Do YOU Want to Write a Column on  

If you want a column on the main site, tell me. If you have ideas that allow us allow us all to organize together, tell me. We want to play a role that is more effective in the future. God Bless America, and let’s do what comes next!





What is our Mission?

If you are like we are, you do not like “mission statements.” While that is generally the truth, this time we are on a mission. Our mission is to stop the Obama agenda of Socialism and anti-capitalism.  Our mission is to reverse all he is doing by taking out fight to the ballot box on November 2, 2010 and November 6, 2012. 

It is our belief that through this community and each of us reaching out to others, we can get the word out.  We are only part of the equation, but we are serious.

After we made the maximum donations allowed by law to the campaign, we still wanted to help.  Our way of helping is creating this site, getting writers to write interesting and telling content, and setting up a place for our members to share their thoughts.

How can you help?

We do not accept donations of money.  Writing, posting and being active here is all the help we need.

If you want to be more active, write feature articles for the site.  Tell us the subject you want to write about.  

Speak Up!

Tell everyone how you feel about Obama

I am hearing a lot of people who say “I cannot even speak up here, because everyone loves Obama so much.”  

You have to speak up.  You simply must.

Put a or similar anti-Obama sticker on your car.  People have to see this in large numbers.  We personally feel it is critical to not only say good things about McCain, but to make it clear to others around you that you see serious faults in Obama.  The media is going to be playing this like they did with Clinton.  Something is wrong with you if you are not voting Obama.  Make sure others around you know how you feel, and that it is okay to be against Obama.

Let’s all do this together! 

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