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Bill Clinton made $48 Million in Foreign Speaker Fees that Needed his Wife’s State Department Approval

Bill Clinton made $48 Million in Foreign Speaker Fees that Needed his Wife’s State Department Approval

Did you know that Bill Clinton made $48 million on speeches during the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State that required the State Department to approve Bill Clinton collecting a fee from these speaking engagements in foreign countries.

For some reason nobody at the State Department had a problem with this. It might have been a career ending objection should someone have blocked Hillary’s loving husband from making money.

Mark Hyman lays out the story:

Now that is a conflict beyond comparison!

Read it on Mark’s site:

A Special Note to Dick Morris: You’re Fired

A Special Note to Dick Morris: You’re Fired

Dear Comrade Dick,  I first of all never want to hear about Dubbs Gets Defeated, or “Here Come the Black Helicopters.”  Yes, I know Hillary and the Dems are going to try to pry our guns out of our hands, give all of our rights away to the United Nations, and basically flip the conservatives… Continue Reading

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