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Are Non-Citizen Union Workers in Las Vegas Being Pressured to Register AND Vote? LV Review-Journal Article Says YES

Are Non-Citizen Union Workers in Las Vegas Being Pressured to Register AND Vote? LV Review-Journal Article Says YES

You simply must read the story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In a story by investigative report Glenn Cook, the Review-Journal reports that two Culinary Workers Union Local 226 members were not only pressured to register to vote, but were intensely followed up on by “union canvassers.” 


Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

One day, when a Culinary representative was told the immigrant wasn’t a citizen and wouldn’t vote, things got testy. The immigrant was “in so much trouble,” the Culinary operative said, according to Brenda Moraine, a local immigrant advocate who was there.

The immigrants spoke with me on the condition that I provide no identifying information about them beyond their membership in the Culinary. They’re afraid of reprisals from the union, they’re afraid of losing their jobs, and they’re concerned that their signatures are on a government document that says, in part, “I swear or affirm I am a U.S. citizen. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.”

I verified their identities, their lack of citizenship and their status as active registered voters in Clark County.

One of the immigrants validated my worst fears about Nevada’s weak voter registration standards and voting safeguards.

“There are others,” the immigrant said.

Other noncitizen Culinary workers are registered to vote?


The article details not only the registration of these two people in this union, but also the push to make them actually go and vote.

We reached out to the union for comment minutes ago and will update our article with more details if and when they respond.





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