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Just what kind of person considers Jeb “ruthless” and too “conservative” to be President?
I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
O’Malley has No Problem with Donors to Clinton Slush Fund, Including Reporters Who Gave
If you scientifically question “global warming” you WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDING
Did Pakistan Really Know Bin Laden Was in that Big House? Likely, Yes
Pudgy Rep Alan Grayson Goes Hog (no relation) on When Asked About His Cayman Banking

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A Classic Michelle Obama Moment: “For the first time in my adult life…”
Counting the Days… On My Galaxy S2
Defending Rick Perry on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
Piers Morgan gets a lecture from a law professor
Gallup: Obama Reaches Record Low Level Approval Rating and Should Realize He is Not Worthy of Office
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Why it Really Matters What Obama’s Daughter Malia is Doing
Santorum: It is time to drop out and get over it
Anybody Remember that President Carter used to Often Carry His Bags? Obama’s Arrogance Requires an Umbrella Guy
Dine with Obama – Now 40% Off!
25 Years ago I thought political correctness was just annoying, Now it’s getting crazy
If You Love America, You Will Recognize Obama’s Total and Complete Incompetence and Impeach Him
Medal of Honor Recipient Ryan M. Pitts Breaks the Gavel, Showing Real Strength of Our Military
Solyndra Special Coverage – SF Bay Area NBC Station Reviews its Solyndra Coverage
Wow –  The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has Romney Up by 4%
Great Joke by Dennis Miller with Mark Steyn
Obama is Just Rude – Hear These Accounts
We Cannot Choose Someone Who Chose Socialism Even Once
A Fair Look at the Two Candidates for Vice President, Topic is The Villages
US Muslims now falling for ISIS’ Message