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Romney Campaign Bragging About ORCA in an Interview

Romney Campaign Bragging About ORCA in an Interview

I hate to see something like this, but you can see how the Romney campaign was enjoying its own Kool-Aid thinking that this ORCA project was going to be great.

Breaking News: Near Total Failure for Romney’s ‘Orca’ Program that Should Have Helped Bring the Vote Out

Breaking News: Near Total Failure for Romney’s ‘Orca’ Program that Should Have Helped Bring the Vote Out

As unreal as this sounds, an ‘Orca’ ate Romney’s campaign. Project Orca: The blue screen of death and other assorted problems apparently got in the way of the get out the vote effort. While it is easy to Wednesday Morning Quarterback after the fact, if all that is being said now is true, somebody screwed… Continue Reading

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