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Life’s Short, So Did Joseph Biden’s Son Attempt to Become a Client of Ashley Madison?
Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Retweeted by Donald Trump – We’re very proud!
Conservative Twitter: Explained from the Binge and Purging Perspective
It’s tough being famous, so @megynkelly needs to take ten days off. Why not ten years?
Cannot get a warrant, so we have to ignore the constitution? That is what @ChrisChristie says

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It’s Jobs-4-Jihad. When Islamic Radicals commit Jihad, Marie Harf is ready to give them jobs. Requires true Jihadist ONLY
Bill Clinton made $48 Million in Foreign Speaker Fees that Needed his Wife’s State Department Approval
Administration Leader and Campaign ’08 Head: Iran has its man in The Obama White House… David Plouffe
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Admin Official Says Republicans will KILL 70,000 Kids
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Total BS: American Troops on American Soil Told Not to Eat or Drink in Presence of Muslims During Ramadan
Joe Biden Loves Skinny Dipping – even in front of Female Secret Service Agents
Obama is Using the FCC to Attack Churches and Likely END Some Religious Broadcasts
These Illegal Aliens Simply Refuse to Report as They Agreed, Yet Obama is Okay With It