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News Alert: Reports – Obama Campaign to “Declare Victory” Early – to Stop Romney Voters from Bothering to Vote

News Alert: Reports – Obama Campaign to “Declare Victory” Early – to Stop Romney Voters from Bothering to Vote

News Alert: The Blaze Reports Obama Campaign to “Declare Victory” Early – to Stop Romney Voters from Bothering to Vote

English: Map of Florida Panhandle
Remember Election 2000 – Bush versus Gore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We saw this yesterday, and it is appearing in a few more places today. I am suggesting forwarding this as an email or copy the links to the stories as they appear below.


Remember in 2000, the networks started to call Florida for Gore after the eastern time zone polls closed, despite the fact that polls were open another hour in the Florida panhandle. It is thought that GOP voters were essentially suppressed by the fact that they felt the state was already lost to Gore. Of course Bush did win Florida and because of that became President. Had another 538 voters in the panhandle of Florida decided to go home instead, it would be President Gore.

This is what the Democrats are said to be up to – and we all know logically they will attempt this if they can:



On “” – Chicago Source: Obama Campaign Planning to Proclaim Early Victory to ‘Demoralize Romney Supporters’


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do not let your conservative friends get sidetracked when it comes to casting their ballot. They want to demoralize us, but that’s not going to happen.



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