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A Special Note to Dick Morris: You’re Fired

A Special Note to Dick Morris: You’re Fired

Dear Comrade Dick, 

I first of all never want to hear about Dubbs Gets Defeated, or “Here Come the Black Helicopters.”  Yes, I know Hillary and the Dems are going to try to pry our guns out of our hands, give all of our rights away to the United Nations, and basically flip the conservatives off of the SCOTUS.  I know all of that.

Dick, you’re fired from the national stage.  I do mean this. Effective immediately, you are fired.  You were about the only one that saw a path to victory for John McCain, and you called this one a “landslide” when the only true landslides happened last week as a result of Hurricane Sandy (Oh, sorry, Megastorm Sanday – I always forget the new politically correct lingo as I just can’t do the global warming thing). 

Yes, Dick, from this point forward I will zap you off of my TV when you pop-up. When Newsmax sends something about you or from you, I will unsubscribe.

Kool-Aid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You sell Kool-Aid in order to sell crappy little books.  I fully understand why Bill Clinton threw you out. I would encourage Fox News to give you the same courtesy!

I will not be able to write you a letter of recommendation.  I would suggest you call Stephanie Cutter and see if the Obama 2012 Campaign has a place for you.  I know they will not let some poorly written 22nd amendment stop them from running Obama a third, fourth and fifth time. That would give us another 12 years of blaming Bush.

Most Sincerely,

Comrade John of


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