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I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016

I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016

Rand likely thinks he is reaching out to the middle. He is really reaching out to his dad’s sixty  or so followers.

George Bush had things much calmer in the Middle East.  Obama encourages the “Arab Spring” that was essentially selling out those loyal to the US when it comes to Arab states. I agree that many suggested WRONGLY that we should have taken out Assad of Syria. But – he did use chemical weapons. He even continues to use them.

It was Obama pulling out American troops that undermined our successes in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was Obama who WRONGLY set “time tables” that set a schedule for our enemies to follow. It was Obama who did not speak up for the possible counter revolution in Iran when students there rose up. In fact, his comments put an end to their one and only time they could possibly have brought down that terrorist regime.

Rand Paul is his father’s boy. And he is listening to his dad for foreign policy.

I can no longer trust him at all. I just don’t see it. I agree with him on privacy. I don’t agree with him here.

He just fell of my top three list.


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We Need Some Great GOP Candidates for Senate Run in 2014

We Need Some Great GOP Candidates for Senate Run in 2014

But… The AP thinks we have no good prospects!  Guess they don’t like our “Tea Party” influenced candidates, like our victorious Ted Cruz and our filibuster champion Rand Pal! Here’s a bit of their story… and a link: (To think they call this news!) “The vote is more than 18 months away, so it’s early.… Continue Reading

If we want to truly win, Rand Paul 2016 is our ONLY choice

If we want to truly win, Rand Paul 2016 is our ONLY choice

I am going to give you five reasons for Rand Paul in 2016.  I think we have to win, and this is the one that can turn it around. 1. With such strong social networks, the young voters are always going to come out from this point forward. The right cannot count on young people… Continue Reading

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I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
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