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Life’s Short, So Did Joseph Biden’s Son Attempt to Become a Client of Ashley Madison?
Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Retweeted by Donald Trump – We’re very proud!
Conservative Twitter: Explained from the Binge and Purging Perspective
It’s tough being famous, so @megynkelly needs to take ten days off. Why not ten years?
Cannot get a warrant, so we have to ignore the constitution? That is what @ChrisChristie says

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Morell’s Rewrite of the History of Benghazi
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Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Will it be President Perry?
Obama: Since when are contraceptives a “human right” to be put upon all of us by Democrats?
Chelsea Clinton’s Facebook Page – With Improvements and New Friends