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The Fight Continues

The Fight Continues

For those that are disheartened, do not give up. The election is over.  However, there is another one two years from now. We will clean his clock in that election. 

He is going to send this country over a fiscal cliff with his arrogance, and we know it. You need to plan for that. As a family you need to personally plan for that. It will affect his minions much more than it will affect all of us. We will parlay that back into a new Republican Revolution in 2014.  If he does not moderate, he and his entire administration can possibly be impeached through Congress. We would have to win in Congress, win in the Senate, and even recall some of the left wing senators that would block us from doing a removal after impeachment. 

Remember – it’s all possible. America will awaken to the fall of dropping off the fiscal cliff. That is when we have to use the Constitution we all love and do what must be done legally and properly.

Never give up. Never give in. Stay strong. Realize, you were on the right side of history. Those that voted for Obama were on the wrong side of history. Those in the media that propped him up one day will be shamed for it. 

Rep. Robert Dold, Jr., R-Ill.; Rep. Charlie Ba...
We know it is coming. Congress can talk about it, but Obama is purposely going to push us over.  (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Keep the faith. Live like a winner, because you are smart enough to know better. You are a winner if you voted for Romney and against Obama.  

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