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Breaking News: Near Total Failure for Romney’s ‘Orca’ Program that Should Have Helped Bring the Vote Out

Breaking News: Near Total Failure for Romney’s ‘Orca’ Program that Should Have Helped Bring the Vote Out

As unreal as this sounds, an ‘Orca’ ate Romney’s campaign.

Project Orca: The blue screen of death and other assorted problems apparently got in the way of the get out the vote effort. While it is easy to Wednesday Morning Quarterback after the fact, if all that is being said now is true, somebody screwed up big time.  Romney should have vetted this to the last check.  Clearly the GOP was sold a bill of goods (or they deployed it wrong), and we did not get any turn-out effort.

This is a disgrace. Romney’s Project Orca was a total failure.


The Romney Campaign site now blocks the pages that were valid links just a few hours ago:

I find this very irritating because you do not launch such a project unless you KNOW you have all of the kinks ironed out – including a denial of service attack (which nobody has yet claimed happened). My guess is that it is NOT a denial of service attack.  Rather, I think it is just incompetent deployment of something too new that should not be real world tested in the most important election of our life times. Just the fact that credentials were messed up all over the place tells me this fiasco is not from the outside. I would be one of the first to blame “the other side” or a hacking group, but I doubt it this time. I think Romney’s team truly screwed this one up. Whether I am right or wrong on that, this is sad.

I know we will be hearing a lot about this over the next few days.

Another report I read said that Romney and his people were totally convinced of success until about 6pm ET on election night.  Very hard to see where that confidence came from. I remember hearing some of the reporters

Resident (fish-eating) killer whales. The curv...
Orca’s Getting Out the Vote off the Coast of Virginia. 


that talked privately with the campaigns saying almost astonished that BOTH sides sound absolutely convinced of success.  In fact, one of the reporters cited the ‘Orca’ get out the vote campaign as a key reason for their confidence. That was election day on Fox News.



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